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Somatics and Social Justice Think Tank 2006

"The question is no longer whether victims can forgive "evildoers" but whether we—our symbols, language and politics, our legal, media and academic institutions—are creating the conditions that encourage alternatives to revenge." Pumla Gobodo-Madikizela.
from "A Human Being Died that Night: A South African Story of Forgiveness"

There are very powerful uses of Generative Somatics and the Somatics and Trauma work for building trust, coordination, vision and collective power in groups of people. We are very interested in continuing to develop the application of this work to social leadership, community organizing and social justice work.

Too often the work of personal transformation is held as distinct from social change and visa-versa. But, the experiences of very personal trauma, daily struggles, oppression and the state of our communities and world are not separate in our lives. When looking at positive or sustainable transformation various levels of change need to be considered-from the individual and intimate network to community standards, institutions and social norms. These levels are interdependent influencing our lives, possibilities, and futures daily.

We are developing ways to intertwine the processes of personal and social change with somatic interventions and individual and group practices. We are exploring ways to support individual healing and empowerment while simultaneously building the resilience and action for change within communities and social justice movements. We see that action for social change and justice needs to address the deeply personal experiences of violence and oppression, of healing, and personal healing needs to address the social context, in fact the impact of this is often what people need healing from. Through this intersection we see that more powerful and sustaining change can be created.

The application of Somatics and Trauma in community and social movement contexts will be explored this year in the Somatics and Social Justice "Think Tank". This is an invitation only group in 2006.

"As a social activist and somatic body worker, this is a place where the personal and social are acknowledged as interdependent. Healing and addressing one takes healing and addressing the other." Liu Hoi Man

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