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New DVD Takes Mind/Body Approach To Sexual Healing

SAN FRANCISCO: Staci Haines, author of The Survivor's Guide to Sex, is proud to announce the release of Healing Sex: The Complete Guide to Sexual Wholeness, the DVD follow-up to her ground-breaking bestseller about finding healing, peace, and real intimacy after surviving sexual abuse.

The DVD is more than just a follow up to Staci Haines' ground-breaking book. Healing Sex is a docu-drama style story of men and women in varying stages of healing and follows them on their path to a more pleasurable and healthy sex life.

Each year, over 300,000 children are sexually abused in the US," says Haines. "That figure translates to over one-third of the women in this country and one in six men. When we then add adult sexual assault, the number of people impacted by some form of sexual abuse is staggering. We spend so much time working through the emotional impact of sexual abuse, and yet we have few resources for exploring the effects of abuse on our sexual health -- and we wonder why sex is one of the biggest problems faced by adults in committed relationships!"

The images onscreen are revolutionary and powerful. Healing Sex follows six ethnically diverse main characters as they work through the aftermath of sexual abuse, learning to once again experience intimacy, physical closeness and sexual desire.

Throughout the video, Staci Haines acts as a guide and facilitator, talking one-on-one as she discusses the impact of sexual abuse on adult sexual relationships. Using a somatic (mind/body) approach that enables survivors to work out the normal, post-trauma "survival reactions"-fight, flight and freeze-that can affect their ongoing sexual relationships, Haines outlines different healing processes, demonstrating skills for re-building sexual relationships, and helping viewers find their own paths to improved sexual health. With a sex-positive perspective that encourages choice, empowered consent, and erotic expression, Haines enables viewers to believe: "You are more powerful than what happened to you."

While the filmmakers' commitment was to show real sexual experiences, the DVD is not sexually explicit, focusing instead on healing and intimacy. Using a workshop setting, the film features testimonials from survivors of sexual abuse, real people who discuss the impact of the past on their relationships and their experiences with somatics and sexual healing.

Available on DVD in June 2004, Healing Sex: The Complete Guide to Sexual Wholeness is co-produced and distributed by S.I.R. Video Productions and is available in select stores for $42.95.

A percentage of the proceeds of Healing Sex will benefit Generation Five, a non-profit whose mission is to end child sexual abuse within five generations.


About Staci Haines
Staci Haines is the Founder and Executive Director of Generation Five. Staci has been organizing and educating in the area of child sexual abuse since 1985. She is the author of The Survivor's Guide to Sex (Cleis 1999), a how-to book offering a somatic approach to recovery from sexual trauma and to developing healthy sexual and intimate relationships. She is a trainer in the field of Somatics, specializing in working with trauma, and leads courses training practitioners, therapists and social change activists in this work. She has a private practice working somatically with social leaders. Staci also has a background in diversity training and facilitation. She has lectured at numerous institutions including Oberlin College, Smith College, UC Berkeley, and Stanford University on issues of child sexual abuse and social change, the impact and healing of trauma, somatics and trauma recovery, and sexual health in addition to presenting at national and international conferences.

About Generation Five
Generation Five is a non-profit organization whose mission is to end the sexual abuse of children within 5 generations. Through survivor leadership, community organizing, and public action, Generation Five works to interrupt and mend the intergenerational impact of child sexual abuse on individuals, families and communities.

Generation Five provides leadership training for community members, activists and agency professionals and fosters national strategy building and information exchange on child sexual abuse. They are not a direct service organization; rather, they work in collaboration with service providers to ensure that affordable, culturally relevant support is available to survivors, offenders, and affected families.

About S.I.R. Video Productions
An all-woman company based in San Francisco, S.I.R. Video Productions makes adult-oriented, sexual-education videos. The mission of S.I.R. (an acronym for Sex, Indulgence and Rock-n-Roll) Video, run by musician, Jackie Strano and writer and editor, Shar Rednour is to make educational, enlightening, and entertaining videos that will provoke, inspire, arouse, and uplift people's attitudes and habits around sex and sexual health.

Jackie Strano and Shar Rednour of SIR Productions have been featured and interviewed on HBO, Channel 4 UK, KRON-TV in SF, TECH TV, and in various documentaries including Official Sundance Selection 2003: Radical Harmonies. SIR Productions has been featured in, Dan Savage's nationally syndicated column, The Village Voice, and been voted Best of the Bay by the San Francisco Bay Guardian.

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