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Other Projects

Staci Haines and award winning author and somatic teacher, Mary Michael Wagner, team up to capture the Somatics and Trauma courses in their next book. This book will cover the somatic distinctions of this integrative approach including; somatic awareness, the social context of trauma, recent research on trauma and brain, individual and community resilience, somatic bodywork and somatic practices. The book will map out the process of healing and trauma resolution through Generative Somatics, and follow numerous people through this process and approach. Due out 2007.

In the summer of 2005 Staci Haines and Denise Benson had the opportunity to join a constituency of Americans in Palestine with Breaking the Silence Project ( There they got to work with the therapists, psychologists and counselors at the Palestinian Counseling Centers (PCC) in the West Bank, offering an intensive in Somatics and Trauma. Learning much more then they could offer in Palestine, Staci and Denise present on the experience of working in the context of ongoing trauma and violence, exploring what somatic work is most relevant in this setting. They are in ongoing contact with the PCC, and writing about these learnings.

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