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The Somatics and Trauma training will introduce you to Generative Somatics work with trauma. This work includes somatic awareness and embodiment processes, somatic skills building and specialized hands on somatic touch. Generative Somatics approaches the individual experiences of trauma as inseparable from the social context in which trauma occurs. Through this lens practitioners will learn to address both the personal and social trauma for themselves and the people they work with.

The Somatics and Trauma Training is designed for practitioners who work directly with clients who have experienced trauma, or for people who interact with trauma as a social phenomenon in their work with teams, communities, or as leaders. The course will develop your competency to recognize trauma and its impact on the whole person, their actions, and their ability to participate in the world. You will learn to work effectively to mend the impact of trauma, producing change, healing, and new actions. This course focuses on the foundational distinctions of Generative Somatics work with trauma and its application with individuals and small groups. Therapists, psychologists, social leaders, community organizers, and coaches will benefit from this course.

"This is the most clinically valuable training that I have ever taken. My understanding of trauma has shifted in a fundamental way. In addition, seeing my clinical work through the lens of somatics has significantly deepened most of what I do, both with individuals and with couples. My clients are reporting (and I am seeing) more positive changes in their lives, and I am feeling more satisfied than ever in my own work."

--Michael Klein, Ph.D., Adjunct Faculty, California Institute of Integral Studies

"Understanding the impact of trauma on our Selves is fundamental to stopping violence and beginning to heal. Having a somatic framework and the skills to make a viable difference in how we move through and out of trauma is vital to this work. Sadly, this approach is not often found in the field of violence prevention. Even tertiary approaches to ending violence rarely include a deep understanding of the long lasting impact of trauma. Through this workshop I have added skills that I can teach to others and integrate into my work with offenders, survivors and teens."

--Donna Diamond, Director of Community Organizing, manalive

Through the Somatics and Trauma Training 2007 you will learn, practice, and build skills in the following areas:

Somatics and Trauma

  • Learn to look at the self/person from a somatic vantage point. This will offer new interpretations of behavior and the self, and create different opportunities for transformation.

  • Develop a somatic understanding of the impact of trauma including personal trauma as well as traumas caused by social oppression.

  • Develop an understanding of the individual and social context of trauma and its' relevance to the healing process.

Re-generating the Self and Connection with Others
  • Learn to recognize and work with symptoms of trauma including dissociation, numbing, hyper vigilance, lack of boundaries, excessive control, physiological "armoring," etc., as intelligent responses to trauma.

  • Develop a somatic understanding of the process of recovery from trauma and the ability to guide another through this process.

  • Learn the somatic processes of releasing how the body holds trauma, and processing the emotional and traumatic response.

  • Integrate specialized somatic touch as an essential aspect of healing from trauma; this allows you and the client to bypass cognitive defenses and habitual interpretations.

  • Learn the somatic processes of relearning safety, contact, boundaries, mutuality, empowerment, contradiction, and intimacy.
Deepening Yourself
  • Develop your capacity to be present amidst deep emotion and transformation.

  • Develop your own competency to face, feel, and be with trauma.

  • Discover and support the resilience in your client and yourself.

  • Work with your own history of trauma, if that is your experience, and develop it as a resource in your own work.

  • Learn to take care of and resource yourself as a practitioner or leader who interacts with trauma intimately.

The Somatics and Trauma Training will include teaching and experiential components. Participants will learn theory and processes, and practice with one another. Students will be asked to participate in regular somatic practices as a part of their learning and development.

To apply to the 2007 Somatics and Trauma Training please submit the application and contact Donna Diamond at

  Download/Print ST Application

Level 2

Students committed to developing their competency in Generative Somatics continue their studies in the Somatics and Trauma training as senior students. Senior students work with the content of the training from an advanced level, deepen and specialize their own somatic practices, and fully integrate Somatics into their one on one and small group work.

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