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A KRON 4 spotlight provides an overview of somatics and an exclusive interview with Staci Haines.
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Generative Somatics

Generative Somatics is an integrative approach using somatic awareness, somatic bodywork and somatic practices to create lasting change.

Working with trauma through the psycho-biology is a powerful way to move from managing traumatic symptoms to transforming trauma and your life. Transforming trauma includes being able to change the deep reactions that linger long after traumatic experiences-- the fight, flight, freeze and dissociative responses which emerge automatically to protect us. While these responses are initially life saving, they tend to create havoc over time. Through Generative Somatics people are able to learn presence and boundaries and re-establish connection with themselves, others and community. They are able to connect with what gives their life meaning and growth and leverage their resilience to live that.

Generative Somatics approaches trauma as both an individual and collective experience. Individuals can experience specific incidences of trauma that deeply impact them and the people they are in relationship with for years. We are also living amidst family and community practices, public and private institutions and broader social norms that support and perpetuate violence and domination. In this work we look toward both the individual experiences of trauma and the social context in which we are living to understand, heal, and transform. Generative Somatics is used in one on one and small group settings as well as in social change and community building work.

The Somatics and Trauma courses are designed for practitioners who work directly with clients who have experienced trauma, or for people who interact with trauma as a social phenomenon in their work with teams, communities, or as leaders. The courses will develop your competency to recognize trauma and its impact on the whole person, their actions and their ability to participate in the world. You will learn to work effectively to mend the impact of trauma, producing change, healing, and new actions. Therapists, psychologists, social leaders, community organizers, and coaches benefit from these courses.

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Book and DVD
"What a terrific book! Every survivor needs this encouraging, down-to-earth guide and the joy of freely-chosen, healthy sexual pleasure."

-- Ellen Bass, co-author of The Courage to Heal

"I hope that people can find themselves in the film, that something that is generally hidden and isolated-people's sexual healing or struggles with sex-gets seen and revealed as normal. I want viewers to know that they are more powerful than what happened to them. Sex, intimacy and pleasure are powerful and do not need to be defined by sexual abuse for the rest of their lives."

-- Staci Haines in an interview with American Sexuality Magazine

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