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The Survivor's Guide to Sex is also available through in German and Japanese.

The Survivor's Guide to Sex
How to Have an Empowered Sex Life After Childhood Sexual Abuse

Move over abuse, and move in pleasure! The Survivor's Guide to Sex is for all women-heterosexual, bisexual, lesbian, partnered, and single-who want to delight in their own sexuality. Based on the author's extensive training and experience in working with abuse survivors, The Survivor's Guide to Sex offers a complete guide to sexual recovery:
  • Pleasure and Desire-How to discover and fully own your desires on your own terms.

  • Nonjudgmental support for all sexual styles and interests!

  • Dissociation-Discover how you "checked out" to survive and how you can "check in" now for healing and your own sexual expression.

  • Embodied Sex-No more grocery lists and wrestling matches with relics of the past! Learn how to be in your body during sex, present for yourself and your partners.

  • Consent and Boundaries-The "yes," "no," and "maybe" of sex. How to say "yes" to your desires and develop boundaries to take care of yourself.

  • Triggers-A sex life built around triggers becomes no sex life at all. Practical tools for healing through triggers while enjoying all the delights and complexities of a fully-embodied sex life.

  • Sex Information-Chock full of sex-positive information on all aspects of sexual response, masturbation, and partner sex, tailored to the needs of survivors.

  • Emotional Healing and Intimacy-Don't settle for less than you want! Grant yourself permission to cultivate pleasure, sexual delight, and love.

  • Plus Sex Guide Exercises, bibliography, resources, and index.

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"What a terrific book! Every survivor needs this encouraging, down-to-earth guide-and the joy of freely-chosen, healthy sexual pleasure."

—Ellen Bass, co-author of The Courage to Heal

"Finally! A guide to sexual healing that is an explicit celebration of sex itself. Staci Haines offers a wealth of practical tips on building a fulfilling sex life in the wake of child sexual abuse-presented with warmth, compassion, and deep understanding."

—Cathy Winks, co-author of The Good Vibrations Guide to Sex

The Survivor's Guide to Sex -
as featured in Self Magazine

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