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Somatics and Trauma Advanced 2007 is open to graduates of the Somatics and Trauma Training who are committed to developing their competence as somatic therapist, practitioners, or group leaders, in the discourse of Generative Somatics.

The Advanced Course intensives will include interactive demonstrations, somatic practices, extensive feedback on your work, and targeted development of your skills and competency. Each student will be required demonstrate their work in the class through a live demonstration or video. Teacher acceptance is required.

The Somatics and Trauma Advanced Training will include:

  • Develop a longer term vision and plan in working with clients; understanding the various stages of healing from trauma.

  • Interactive somatic demonstrations with extensive debrief of somatic assessments, intervention choices, and future approaches and practices.

  • Specific training in somatic bodywork for various shapes and somatic holding. Practices for transformation and sustainability of changes.

  • Working deeply with safety shaping and resilience.

  • Working deeply with shame.

  • Empowering the role of standing practices in rebuilding lost skills and competencies.

  • Work with somatic narrative that blends with somatic contraction and imagines new shapes and possibilities.

  • Work with presence and contact in relationship to unique styles and needs of different clients. Broaden your ability to move effectively with a wide variety of people and styles.

  • Integrate a perspective on the various influences of one's somatic shape from primary caregivers, to trauma, to social context and oppression.

  • Learn to listen for various levels of the self and ground them somatically, including historical shaping, safety shaping, resilience, self identity, cultural context, spiritual impulses, etc.

  • Somatic assessments of you as a practitioner and targeted somatic practices for your own development.

  • Opportunities for supervision of current clients.

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